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Sydney’s Newtown has a distinct personality. Over a number of decades, the suburb has grown a tight-knit community that prides itself on its diversity, culture and sense of kinship.

Maple Store is housed in the iconic old Union Bank Building in the middle of the main drag, King Street, and fits right into the unique culture of the suburb.

With a completely unpretentious approach to selling clothes, it’s plain to see why Maple Store is so well embraced by both locals and visitors alike. Since opening in 2003, their focus has been to sell denim for everyone, though their range has now expanded beyond denim to include quality clothing and lifestyle products too.

Remaining unperturbed by seasonal trends also allows them to stock brands and products that are timeless and durable. They carefully select their stock based on what they love and what their customers can wear every day.

When you see some of the brands Maple Store stocks, you start to get a feel for the kind of shop it is. Heritage labels such as R.M. Williams, Driza Bone, Blundstone and Red Wing are mixed in with modern brands who share the same ethos: Saturdays NYC,  Neuw, Bellroy and Simple Watch Co to name a few. Each prides themselves on their attention to quality materials and manufacturing to create the kind of product that will truly stand the test of time.

The store’s collection of denim is, as expected, super extensive. With a huge range of different cuts and colours, it’s easy to find the perfect pair. Though it can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re facing a wall of denim, the staff at Maple Store are always there to lend a hand. Brands on offer include denim specialists such as Levi’s Vintage ClothingTellason and Orslow.

Walking into Maple Store, who also have a second location in Sydney’s Balmain, is always a refreshing experience. The staff are always friendly, willing to help when needed and they’re super passionate about jeans.

Having recently had the opportunity to speak with Matt, a senior team member at the Newtown location, we found out a little bit more about what Maple Store has to offer to it’s customers.

Tell us about some products that Maple specialises in.

We focus on denim, and we do it well. We have a great range for all budgets, and we enjoy talking to folks about jeans, especially if they haven't really approached them seriously before.

We  also have a solid range of boots, with Red Wing and R.M. Williams being well represented. We've also recently expanded our Blundstones range.

What new brands have been brought on board recently?

Japanese brand Orslow, a real favourite of us all at Maple, has just landed and Merz B. Shwanen from Germany is only days away. Fun times UK brand TSPTR also drops this season for the first time. 

Whats proving to be really popular this season? 

Iron Rangers from Red Wing are going great, particularly in the amber colour. It's a classic heavy boot that will last for years, regardless of fashion. 


What are some of your favourite items in-store right now?

I love the Tellason Elgin; mid-rise slim tapered, 14.75oz selvedge denim. US made, nice weight and a nice deep blue indigo.

The Tsovet DE40 men's watch - a nice dark navy face with cream detailing.

The R.M. Williams Turnout boots in chestnut are killer. A beautiful caramel brown leather with light coloured stitching and wooden/leather soles.  



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