Buzz Ricksons


Buzz Ricksons was established in 1993, its name taken from the character played by Steve McQueen in the 1961 movie 'The War Lover'.

They specialise in 'true replica' reproduction of classic military coats and flight jackets along with the items inspired by the era.

"It was a feeling of pride for a country to make flight jackets which protected the lives of their aviators; it was done at enormous cost and required a huge labor force. Knowledge, state of the art materials and sewing technologies of the times were combined to achieve this detail."

Buzz Ricksons take great pride in analysing these garments and then recreating them, adhering strictly to the specifications, materials, and the craftsmanship to recreate the original feel of each garment.

It's also worth noting that they make some of the best tees and fleece instore and all Buzz Ricksons is either USA or Japan made.

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