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    At Driza-Bone, we believe in making timeless, functional and comfortable clothing that is designed to not only look good but have a comfortable fit and be made to endure.

    Our story began on a ship in the 1890s when British sailor Emilius Le Roy conjured the image of an indestructible wet-weather jacket made from recycled ship sails that were treated with oil. From here, the oilskin legend was born and would later become the famous wet-weather coat and an Australian workwear staple.

    Today the range covers outerwear and apparel for all conditions, inside and out, constructed for durability, comfort and protection. And as a 100% Australian owned company we are proud to still be protecting Australians 118 years on.

    Never influenced by trends or fashion cycles, our garments are designed to be worn time and time again. Inspired by the hard-wearing qualities of workwear and military apparel, Driza-Bone products are durable and will serve you well, even in the harshest of elements.

    Our investment in design, quality materials and manufacturing processes ensure that you can depend on every Driza-Bone garment as one you can depend on and be one of those you’ll just want to wear.