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    Frank Leder

    Frank Leder

    Perfectly bottled with a vintage Bakelite screwcap, Frank Leder's Tradition grooming products are made in small batches in Austria & Germany using handed down techniques from which they create their organic formulas. Here's an excerpt from the man himself .... . .

    My work is very inspired by personal experiences from my childhood: mushroom hunting in the forest, the smell of elderflower from my grandmother, but also old stories and folklore. Masterwort, which is used in our Honey and Masterwort handlotion, for example, should only be picked during full moon and the root is said to ward off evil spirits. I’m far from being esoteric, but I love the narrative and the stories behind these ingredients.

    Why the unusual ingredients, like mushroom, sausage or wheatbeer? Is it the novelty factor?

    Oh no, these products really come from my heart! I would never think to launch something just to be different, nor simply because it makes commercial sense. The most important thing is that the products work. They also have to make sense to me. Actually, the fact that they are perhaps initially seen as a little difficult is something I like. The challenge makes me want to create them even more.