Otter Wax Fabric Wax

Otter Wax Fabric Wax
How to waterproof your favourite chore coat with Otter Wax Fabric Wax.
If you've ever thought about improving the performance of apparel by adding a layer of Otter Wax, you've probably thought about using it on a jacket. A project like this will take a little work, but you'll be rewarded with a jacket that will last a lifetime.
Here, we'll show you how to apply Otter Wax heavy duty fabric wax to your favourite chore coat. Using heavy duty fabric wax bars ensures that the wax stays on the outside of the coat. Applying something like fabric dressing would likely soak through, so if you wanted to wear a coat with with just a t-shirt underneath, you won't have to worry about your skin being in contact with the waxed fabric. It's not like there's anything wrong with having waxed canvas touching your skin, it's just that it's not really all that comfortable, and can feel kind of clammy against your skin. Save the fabric dressing for when you want to wax something with a lining on the inside.

You can expect this project to take about 1-2 hours, and then a couple days of cure time to allow some of the oils to evaporate off the canvas before wearing. A canvas like this one will absorb a fair amount of wax, so don't be surprised if after a few days of hanging it's still somewhat tacky to the touch. This is totally normal and the jacket is wearable, so just put it on and get outside!

Here's what you'll need:

2x - Otter Wax heavy duty fabric wax large bar.

1x - Wooden smoothing tool.

1x - Heat gun (optional).

1~2 hours + cure time.