Built for movement since 1982 and more relevant today than ever. Gramicci have been at the forefront of the outdoor movement for over 30 years, their creations 'referenced' by just about every outdoor clothing or streetwear brand. Most notably, the iconic 'Gramicci Pant' featuring their patented gusset crotch and built in nylon belt.

Gramicci's roots are tied to 1970s Yosemite, when a new generation of free-spirited rock-climbers known as the Stonemasters took residency at Yosemite National Park, pioneering a new way of climbing. Founder Mike Graham, a fellow Stonemaster with a keen eye for design, set about creating the gear they would wear, love and develop into what is Gramicci.

Built for movement, and loved by countless cultural movements—what started out in a garage in Ventura, California has travelled to the streets of Tokyo, the label's new home, and beyond.


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