Pilgrim Surf Supply

Chris Gentile established Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Williamsburg in 2012. The quiet corner of Brooklyn would soon be transformed with the shop soon becoming a gathering space, for artists, surfers and the local community as well as a touchpoint for independent retail and what could be achieved. Soon the tiny store was hosted artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, and surfers and the Pilgrim the clothing brand grew organically from there, initially working with a few small factories in the Garment District, to today, partnering with Beams of Japan, opening stores in Tokyo and Kyoto, to compliment their new Brooklyn Flagship. Together Pilgrim and Beams continue to grow their apparel collection with small factories and maintain relationships with manufacturers at each level of production, using recycled and upcycled fabrics as much as is practical, and keeping order volumes low to minimise waste. 

Like most brands worth their salt, the Pilgrim aesthetic is based around little more than whatever unique inspirations are floating Chris's board. One common thread since inception though has been his love for classic wearable pieces with a relaxed vibe. One of the brands that everyone in the Maplestore building is super excited to partner with and share the love.