Paloma Wool


    Get Creative with Paloma Wool 

    One label never ceases to surprise and amaze us at Maplestore. Founded by Paloma Lanna in 2014, this Barcelona-based label creates timeless pieces that often evade the timeline of fashion. She considers her brand a project about getting dressed and the space and ideas that are involved in the act of getting dressed.

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    Collections often feature collaborations with artists and makers in the local scene. Like the themes of surrealism that once filled Barcelona’s streets and studios, this range fuses traditional elements with those that deviate from the norm. As a result, collections have the look and feel of wearable art. Every item is high-quality, beautifully made and captures the spirit of fun, tasteful expression. Enjoy.

    Sustainable style with Paloma Wool on sale

    The art of true design is evident throughout this label, with looks that fit and flatter all types of figures. You can expect immaculate styling, right from the cut to the stitching.


    This Spanish designer is all about big-picture ideas, with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. You’ll find high-quality materials mixed with recycled fibres as part of their range of jackets, bags and shoes – so you know this range is not only great for your wardrobe, but it’s great for the environment as well.


    The materials used have been chosen for their quality, durability and impact. Thoughtful design is evident in these comfy, timeless pieces that can be modernised or styled in homage to trends of the past.


    Worn as streetwear or something more polished, you’re guaranteed to stand out every time, without causing harm to the environment. Bring guilt-free art to your wardrobe and get ready to make a statement.

    Shop for statement style now – only with Paloma Wool

    At Maplestore, we believe that little details make all the difference. This Spanish brand perfectly aligns with our philosophy – whether their latest range is a fresh take on traditional cuts, or veers towards dreamy quirkiness. We never know what they’ll come up with next – which makes each new line all the more exciting.


    Demand for these hot pieces is high – be it for their jumpers, jackets or other items on sale at our store. Secure yours now and spice up your wardrobe with a Spanish twist on premium fashion.