Karhu Shoes and Sneakers

Since 1916, Karhu has been a key part of the running landscape in their Finnish homeland. Named after the Finnish word for ‘bear’, since their inception this range has boosted local and international athletes to Olympic gold status.

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Today their shoes possess a true lifestyle aesthetic, grounded in comfort and running technology. Whether you’re seeking all-day support, or you’re a top-tier athlete striving for the ultimate achievement, this high-performance range is the perfect choice for your wardrobe.


Maplestore caters to both kinds of individuals – those who wish to wander the world in comfort, and those who wish to push beyond existing limits. With this established label, anything is possible.

Australia’s dedicated Karhu stockists

For over 100 years, this European heritage brand has been a favourite amongst sports lovers on the hunt for athletic gear. As Australia’s chief stockists of this footwear range, we’re proud to bring this collection to you.


Available in a range of materials, including sturdy suede and nubuck, these sneakers are ideal for a wide range of purposes. Sleek, Nordic and rugged enough to withstand Australia’s elements, they seamlessly take you from a casual outing to heading out hiking and racing.


Every pair is designed to balance impact, weight and style – adding colourful accents with a fun flourish. The construction lives up to the name, staying strong for years on end. Pair with our range of care products so they’ll remain in top condition for years to come, and let each pair offer your feet endless comfort.

Never settle for less than the best

When the Flying Finns won Olympic gold medals on the athletic tracks, they did it wearing this footwear. Over a century later, the records still stand – awaiting the next great achievement.


Take inspiration from the beginnings of this brand, with the drive to achieve your own ambitions and goals. These shoes will loyally accompany you on your journeys and support your course with quality and flair. Visit in-store for the perfect fit, or consult our detailed guide online.

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