Snow Peak


    Snow Peak Apparel & Accessories

    The story began in 1958, when founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer, created his own line of superior climbing gear out of the discontent for the current gear on the market.

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    Snow Peak is now run by his son, Toru. Yamai believes that it is the label’s mission to bring people closer to nature; that by spending time out of doors we find our humanity. The family legacy is now furthered again with the introduction of their apparel line by granddaughter Lisa.


    Their aim is simple: 'We strive to create a positive impact through everything we do. We create lifelong products that stand behind every design." Yukio Yamai. Shop our whole offer here.

    Dedicated Snow Peak stockists in Australia

    Australia’s terrain presents plenty of opportunities to explore the natural world. We believe in taking adventures far beyond the city limits and exploring what the world has to offer, always in style.


    Scouring brands and products to find items that fit our own practical fashion philosophy, we only bring the best to wardrobes Down Under. This Japanese-born brand easily earns its place on that list, and we love having it around.


    This range of accessories live up to quality standards and withstand the harsh environmental elements. From mountaineering sticks to cookware, spending time outdoors becomes that much more enjoyable when pieces designed with functional use in mind are present.


    You’ll get plenty of wear out of every purchase to help you climb the next summit. Equip yourself with excellence and enjoy the journey ahead.

    Roam the globe with fuss-free fashion

    We believe that fashion is made to integrate into your lifestyle. When a restless, spirited curiosity lives within you, no city can contain that force. The only escape is to roam the globe, venturing into untouched nature to recharge.


    The legacy of our favourite Japanese label will serve you well every step of the way. From the Red Centre to Mt Fuji, each thoughtfully designed piece follows a function where durability and value are at its core. Add these pieces to your kit and explore new ground with confidence.