Venture Out in Suicoke Sandals

    Japanese favourites Suicoke make comfortable, hard-wearing sandals for men and women, often collaborating with renowned Italian sole manufacturer Vibram.

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    The intentionally mysterious origins of this brand, whose founders remain nameless, only serve to highlight their high-quality designs instead. This footwear brand is just as much at home in Australia’s concrete jungles as it is wandering through forests across the world.


    Bringing an inherent taste of the Land of the Rising Sun to Australia, Maplestore stocks a selection of these designs. Functional and fashionable, Suicoke sandals and footwear items are designed to be worn all summer long, travelling with you wherever you choose to wander.


    All sizing is in US Mens, so check before you buy. Better yet, come on in and try in store.

    Buy Suicoke online at Australia’s top fashion destination

    Japanese craftsmanship is renowned for its perfection and simplicity. Stripping down to bare elements produces a streamlined look that features across this range of footwear.


    Melding ergonomics with comfort is the key to the mystery brand’s success. Every high-quality element is engineered to create a positive experience for when you’re out walking – from the easy-to-remove Velcro straps to the cushioned, supportive sole. This leaves you free to roam wherever your adventures take you, caring for your feet without sacrificing your look. Take them with you wherever you go and never miss a step.

    Get ready for summer

    The Great Southern Land comes alive during the warmer season. The key to enjoying these adventures lies in being able to go from city to spur-of-the-moment wanderings. From the beach to hiking in the forest, this range has you covered. With these original designs, you’re ready to take the plunge and immerse yourself in life at its very best.


    Explore the fresh new designs and collaborations constantly coming out of the creative, anonymous collective that is Suicoke, and you’ll always be prepared for larger-than-life moments.


    Find your pair at Maplestore’s Sydney HQ today, or shop online for fast delivery to your door anywhere in Aus. The ultimate summer travel experience awaits you in style.