The Denim Care Guide

Denim care
Show a little kindness to your new denim friends and they'll repay you with unwavering love and support! After all, part of the reason jeans make such good friends is their easy going nature and the fact they're not too complicated to care for. Like any good friend, they enjoy making you look better. 
If you've purchased a raw, unwashed pair of jeans we congratulate you. This is denim in its purest form. The more wearing in you can achieve until first laundering these gems will be repaid with a richer depth of wear lines and fade contrasts, as the excess indigo dye breaks down on high wear areas. Better still the denim will soften more with every wear and mould to your body shape. For us, no item of clothing holds more value than our oldest pairs of jeans.
When first washing raw denim take a little extra care. It is important to wash your jeans separately in the early stages as excess indigo dye can release from the denim. Either hand wash or 'delicate machine wash' inside out and hang dry while still wet. Avoiding the spin cycle for the initial wash will reduce the chance of streaks or vein lines in your new jeans.
Denim Care Instructions
  • Hand or gentle machine wash inside out
  • Use cold or warm water to minimise shrinkage and preserve the denim
  • Smooth and pull to shape jeans to reduce need for pressing
  • Line dry or lay flat
  • Air dry regularly to minimise the need for laundering
  • Use liquid detergent or ensure powder detergent is fully dissolved
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not wash in hot water
  • Do not spot clean

Remember that with all denim, a little less washing and regular air drying will not only add to the life of your jeans, but will also help beautiful wear patterns develop that will be unique to you.

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